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Naturally antimicrobial & anti-fungal. Tea Tree Oil acts in place of toxic chemicals like bleach and sodium hypochlorite.

This potent formula penetrates surfaces and eliminates mold spores at the root, which prevents pores from growing back.

Spray on vulnerable or mold ridden surfaces. Let sit for 30 minutes. Gently wipe away excess.
water, lauramine oxide, decyl glucoside, coco glucoside, capryl glucoside, citric acid, tea tree oil.


This product is great to use in your laundry. Spray your machine with our Mold Prevention Spray and add a capful to the detergent flap. Run a cycle on the hottest setting.

We recommend using our T&G powder to remove lingering stains. Add one capful to 16 oz of distilled water. Spray and let sit for ten minutes. Gently remove remaining stains with a microfiber cloth.

We source our essential oils using local suppliers. We are adamant on using essential oils that are pure and that remain active when mixed with our cleaning chemicals.

The Mold Prevention Spray is a great start to begin eliminating growth at the spores, however if mold has seeped through walls we highy recommend demoing all affected areas, letting the area dry, and replastering the wall. We urge you to call a professional as mold can be life threatening.

I use this once a month in my laundry machine. What a lifesaver removing odors.

Austin, TX

I use this product once a week in my shower, especially on the caulking. Lifesaver!

Los Angeles, CA

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